The Family Afterward Resource Center exists to bring biblically based help and healing to our community. Dr. Robert Grand is an accomplished researcher with extensive doctoral work in fatherhood. His published dissertation completed at Liberty University on Expectant Father Fears has experienced worldwide appeal with 52 different countries utilizing his research. Robert has also Authored Six Books (available on Amazon) on recovering from Addiction, Codependency & Trauma.  As a Adjunct Professor at California Baptist University, a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor and a  Domestic Violence Specialist II with NAMA, it is Robert's passion to spread the gospel through teaching and biblical counsel.

His wife, Annalisa, is a Board Certified Biblical Counselor, who is certified by the State of California for Domestic Violence Advocacy. Annalisa specializes in counseling those afflicted by codependency, domestic violence and marriage soul care.

Robert and Annalisa are also certified SYMBIS Pre-Marriage Facilitators, Crisis Chaplains and Credentialed Addiction & Recovery Specialists. The aim is to engage with you in a collaborative soul care journey. We all face difficult life circumstances and inevitably pain. How we respond to the trials that life brings can make the difference between gaining wisdom and perspective or holding on to Toxic emotions that can lead to addiction, depression and anxiety. Take advantage of the benefits of our organization listed below.

  • Biblically based soul care for couples and individuals.
  • Educational resources at cost
  • Weekly Life Recovery 12-step Groups.
  • Rotating classes such as Financial Peace University, and marriage related topics.
  • No fee, donations only.